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WABT - World Academy of BioMedical Sciences and Technologies

with the WAH - World Academy for Health,

In partnership with

this French-Romanian European Diaspora Business Summit

sur des sujets et travaux de recheche pour l’avenir 

► The Paris Manifesto ◄

WABT International Forum on the Human Condition and Freedom of Health

The Freedom Dimension of Health: The Open Health Strategy

By L’Academie Mondiale des Strategies de Sante – AMSS

The World Academy for Health – WAH, founded in Paris 21 October 2022

This topic is open for discussion and presentation to whom are concerned about the global, regional and national strategies for health and health care management and governance, proposing new strategic models, using the digital transformation and the AI  (open access) implementation, but also the impact of innovation biotechnologies, including synthetic biology,  in therapeutics  and in genomic dignostics and specialized biobanks.

●European Association and Board of Open Health Care Doctors: The Open Health Approach

●L’Association Liberte et Sante’

This topic is open to all the medical doctors and health operators who strongly support the open relationship patient-doctor under the mutual freedom of choice and refer to the Hyppocrate Oath in their practice

●Digital Health and Open Access Digital Health

●Protection of Personal Health Data

●The Access to the Personal Genomic Data, their IP and their Use for Humanitary Purposes

●The Ethics of Medical Sciences and of Social Sciences in Health and Health-Care

●The Tele-Health Dimension

●Traditional Medicine and Synthetic Medicine

●Biophysics in Medicine and Health Care

Space: the Final Frontier for Health

Planet Earth and Mankind

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