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ESA à la hauteur des enjeux du 21e siècle! 

Interview pour l'édition spéciale Visionnaires du 21e siècle avec

Jan Woerner


Directeur Général ESA 


by Ingrid Vaileanu and Florin Paun   

Interview Francophone : Comment réinventer le modèle économique et de société, de création de VALEUR PARTAGEE avec toutes les parties prenantes au 21e siècle et quel rôle peut avoir l’innovation disruptive dans la croissance au 21e siècle ?


Jan Wörner: Reinventing our economic and societal model is a necessity to face 21st century types of crisis. There are four pillars our society needs to build and stand on, in order to reach transition into welfare for the future: Solidarity, Humanity, Sustainability and Economic Growth. The Material to build these pillars are both competition and cooperation. Competition is an efficient driver, cooperation is an enabler.

In the space domain, their co-existence our day-to-day on a global scale.


Interview Francophone : Quelle est votre SIGNATURE FRANCOPHONE pour l’émergence des nouveaux modèles de société, d’entreprise et d’innovation ? 


Jan Wörner: All French speaking countries have a longstanding heritage of being strong players for innovation and entrepreneurship and the necessary public and individual courage to realise. Think about the high-speed trains TGV or people like Louis Charles Bleriot.


Interview Francophone : C’est quoi le 21e siècle POUR VOUS et pour la société moderne que vous voulez pour les générations futures ?


Jan Wörner: First of all, we need to include each and every one. Once we have reached a large participation, we need leaders with the courage to accept disruptive ideas and put their own prejudices and conceptions on trial. Having this courage means accepting the failures and turn them into a gain of experience.


Interview Francophone : Quelle est l’ambition de ESA et de sa stratégie d’innovation au service de toutes les parties prenantes et quelle est votre meilleure expérience professionnelle qui peut inspirer les générations du 21e siècle ? 


Jan Wörner: Simply by its very nature, Space has the power to influence people. Challenging missions like landing on a comet or moving a rover on Mars fascinate most people. In their brains, a positive movement begins, it is called “inspiration”. They realise that their personal dreams can be turned into projects and that these projects can become their achievements: this is called “motivation”. 

That is why, in addition to bringing valuable applications from space, the European Space Agency needs to continue to deliver fascinating missions.


Interview Francophone : Quel conseil pour les citoyens européens qui veulent réinventer nos entreprises, nos sociétés grâce à des innovations disruptives au service de l’humanité ? 


Jan Wörner: Citizens need to be brave and creative, and their leaders need to create the conditions for them to dare being innovative.

I would advise them to not stop at a new idea, but go on and challenge the way we work together, think competition as a driver and cooperation as an enabler. 

The simple look at our planet suspended in the endless universe brings us a clear message: beyond healthy competition, the fights of nations is endangering our “pale blue dot”.


Interview Francophone : Quel est votre GRAND PARI pour le futur de l’Europe de l’Innovation disruptive au service de des objectifs sociaux et environnementaux ? 


Jan Wörner: My hope is that more and more people, politicians, institutions and nations will see the necessity of innovation in all fields for securing the future of our world. At this time some care has to be taken, not to go to dangerous developments which offer short term advantages but endanger the future. Especially environmental and societal aspects need to be considered in this respect. 


Note: L'Interview avec Prof. Dr. Ing. Johann-Hietrich Wörner est réalisée pour l’édition spéciale 2019 VISIONNAIRES du 21e siècle du petit journal européen Interview Francophone qui offre gratuitement ses interviews à la presse locale de plus de 40 pays.

L’édition spéciale 2019 est une édition hommagiale pour 50 ans du premier pas sur la Lune et à l’occasion du plus grand AirShow au 

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