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Seefeld-Tyrol : les valeurs familiales comme socle d’un tourisme à la hauteur !

Interview en exclusivité pour l'édition spéciale 

Visionnaires du 21ème siècle


Dr. Klaus Ennemoser 


by Ingrid Vaileanu and Florin Paun  


Interview Francophone : How could we resume the history and the contribution of your activity for Tirol as one of the Most Admired Tourism Destination?


Dr. Klaus Ennemoser : Besides my professional activity as a tourism advisor, I built Sporthotel Xander in Leutasch in 1977 and have been managing it since its foundation.


In addition to my professional activities, I have held the following public functions:

1996 to 2018:  President Villa Blanka Tourism Management Schools

2005 to 2015:  President of Austrian Professional Hotel Association (WKO)

2009 to 2015:  Founding President of Hotel Stars Union (European Hotel Classification HSU)


Interview Francophone : How the evolution of the quality tourism integrates today the respect of local biodiversity and people and what are your projects and vision about the evolution of tourism services?


Dr. Klaus Ennemoser : In general, in the 90's and 2000's, both the tourist superstructure and the quality of services offered in Austria and in particular in the county Tyrol have developed very strongly.


Quantitative hotel and bed supply in Austria

  • year 2005:       4,231 hotels    1,050,000 beds

  • year 2017        5,920 hotels    1,050,000 beds

+          1,689 hotels  - + 46 %


3 star hotels: + 17 %

4 star hotels: + 21.5 %

5 star hotels: + 8.5 %


The decrease in the 1 and 2 star category as well as in the private room rentals has led to the fact that despite the increase in the commercial sector, the number of beds of approx. 1,050,000 in Austria has remained the unchanged.


The Olympic Region Seefeld has achieved even more growth in the 3 and 4 star range.


With this hotel range, about 150 million overnight stays were achieved in Austria in 2019.

In Tyrol, it was about 50 million.


Within Austria, Tyrol is by far the province with the strongest tourism (approx. 34%).


The corresponding figures from the Olympic Region Seefeld can be found in the enclosed fact sheet.


It can also be observed that there are tourist hotspots among the Tyrolean communities:


In the pre-Corona year 2019, there were the following tourist highlights:


Top communities 1 - 25          50 % of overnight stays

Top communities 1 – 50         70 % of overnight stays

204 communities        30 % of overnight stays


Thus, there is a high concentration in the tourist hotspots.


In vacation tourism, all guest surveys indicate that biodiversity in an interactive natural landscape is the main motivation for vacationing in the mountains, along with scenic beauty.

Vacation has emerged as a basic need in the last decades. Just in the pandemic was again confirmed that as soon as opportunities exist, people immediately meet their vacation needs as far as possible.


In Tyrol there are very strict environmental laws.

Landscape maintenance is mainly carried out by farmers.

There is a very good cooperation between agriculture and tourism.

The maintenance of the cultural landscape is also very strongly supported by grants. In the last few years, a conversion from the original oil heating system to gas and photovoltaics has taken place very frequently in the lodging establishments.

There is a very strong environmental awareness among both hoteliers and guests.

A an increasing number of guests travel by train.

Local public transportation is provided within the village.

There are some communities that have been able to achieve car-free zones in their community.


Interview Francophone : What is your most inspiring experience with tourists and shareholders?


Dr. Klaus Ennemoser : From my point of view, what makes life valuable is the encounter with people. Nowhere is this better achieved than in tourism.


Tourism also provides local jobs for the local population. Without tourism, some valleys in the Alps would be threatened by emigration of the local population. The construction of hotels and other tourist facilities have a high investment requirement, which is tied up in a long term commitment. Obviously, hotels must have a certain sex appeal. It is very common that companies from highly profitable industries invest in averagely profitable hotels.


Interview Francophone : What could be your advice for the generation of tourists and tourism actors?


Dr. Klaus Ennemoser : Main problems in the future will be :


·        Job market

·       Digitalization of various processes in hotels and restaurants

·        New business concepts

·        Optimization of the entire tourism process (personal carbon footprint)


This can be achieved by

·        new business concepts such as with limited services (e.g., hotel garni instead of full service hotel)

·        through cooperations with other businesses

·        central kitchen production with delivery to various lodging establishments with satellite kitchen in it


Interview Francophone : What is the place of your region in the evolution of the quality tourism and wellbeing of the humanity?


Dr. Klaus Ennemoser : The Olympic Region Seefeld with the towns Seefeld, Leutasch, Scharnitz, Reith bei Seefeld, Mösern-Buchen offers besides the beautiful nature a highly developed tourist infra- and superstructure.


There is a pronounced variety of sports and recreational opportunities in a breathtaking natural landscape.

Leading in Europe in the alpine area are the offers for Nordic cross-country skiing, winter hiking and alpine skiing.


Especially worth mentioning is also the pure air quality in an alpine stimulating climate.

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