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Cosmin Ghita



Prix d'Excellence

du Sommet europeen a Paris

edition 2023

pour une Europe de l'Energie FORTE au service de l'humanité

Dans l'edition Visionnaires du 21e siecle


Thank you for the award on behalf of Nuclearelectrica team! We are honoured by this award because, after 27 years of safe operation and an ambitious forward looking vision, we have succeeded as a team in achieving internationally recognised performance and a very high level of expertise that we can use for the development of nuclear projects: Refurbishment of Unit 1, Units 3 and 4 and SMR. 

The current global geopolitical context has underlined more than ever the importance of a resilient, decarbonised and independent energy system. Security of energy supply and affordable prices for citizens and industries are urgent issues for policy makers around the world.

Nuclear energy is an essential part of achieving decarbonisation targets, ensuring Romania's energy security, socio-economic development in the communities where we already operate, Cernavoda, Mioveni, Feldioara, and after 2030, in the communities where coal-fired power plants will be decommissioned and SMR implemented because it is absolutely vital to ensure their socio-economic development. 

Romania has set ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. Romania also aims to reduce its dependence on energy imports from 20.8% today to 17.8% by 2030, which means sustained investment in carbon-free or transitional generation capacity.

Through the refurbishment of Unit 1, the project of reactors 3 and 4 and SMR, we will avoid after 2031, 24 million tons of CO2 per year, we will create over 23,000 jobs, we will develop communities, the domestic supply chain and we will also achieve our goal of playing a major regional role through the Romanian supply chain and providing expertise and know-how for SMR. 

I thank you for recognizing our efforts to achieve clean, safe, reliable and sustainable economic environments through nuclear investment projects! 

I also thank our French partners for sharing the same vision for building a sustainable future for the next generations. 

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