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Paris VivaTech, the place in Europe where you can meet the future ! 

Edition spéciale Visionnires du 21e siècle 

by Ingrid Vaileanu et PhD. Florin Paun 

Viva Technology, the Europe’s biggest startup and tech event was a big success in June 2021 for this 5th edition and first hybrid event since the start of the pandemic welcoming 140,000 visitors with 26,000 attending in-person at Porte de Versailles Expo Center in Paris (all attendees were issued a health pass, in compliance with health regulations that limited capacity to 5,000 persons at any given time). 


An additional 114,000 attendees connected on VivaTech's paid online platform. With significant engagement on social networks, the event reached more than 119 million people in 149 countries generating 1.7 billion views. During these three days reserved for professionals and one day open to the general public, visitors were able to discover more than 500 exceptional innovations, 1,400 exhibitors (60% of which were physical exhibitors), and 400 speakers from around the world.


"VivaTech is back in 2021 with a brand new hybrid format, the first of its kind. The experience, accessible in-person in Paris at Porte de Versailles, and online all over the world on our digital platform, was greatly appreciated by visitors and exhibitors alike. This new format further strengthens VivaTech for the years to come. We also salute the hard work of all the teams and thank our partners for their continued support," said VivaTech's General Manager Julie Ranty with Co-Directors Maurice Lévy and Pierre Louette.


Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, the country with the estimated highest economic growth in Europe after Covid 19 pandemic, attended VivaTech in order to encourage European Scale-ups. 


VivaTech 2021 was the place where visionary leaders expressed trust in the future by announcing crucial evolutions : the European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced and explained the European tools (ex post « notice and action ») for regulating the platforms (DSA, DMA) and expressed, for example, the concern about how to know if a Source of Data is Credible, where Microsoft’s President Brad Smith pointed the importance to develop trust on long run, where Marc Zuckerberg announced new Innovative Shopping Experiences and the creation of a Creators Economy thanks to the Virtual Reality encouraging talented video games creators (this might encourage and support the new generation of creators as for example the French creators of the new responsible video game Avian : ) to develop and create shared responsible content and value, where SOFTBANK Marcelo Claure announced the investment in IA in Europe considering the insufficient European venture capital, where Pierre Louette inspired the keys for « the future of work » and the importance to continue to search for concrete solutions against the fake news, where Muriel Barneoud, La Poste announced the strategies to create new Data and valorization of Data together with the collaborators, where Bertrand Piccard de Solar Impulse Foundation propose des strategies et actions concretes pour des evolutions suitable, where political and business leaders expressed their trust in the future of innovation: (Minister Bruno le Maire, Ministre Florence Parly, Valery Pecresse, President IDF, Minister Frederique Vidal, Minister Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Deleguee Agnes Pannier Runacher, MEDEF, ORANGE, LES ECHOS, BNP Paribas, BPI France, Air Liquide, RATP, INRIA, CNRS, Engie, Huawei, Les Echos, Microsoft, PAYPAL, IBM, McKinsey, KPMG, etc.)


"While I am convinced that there is no border to ideas and that the peripheric regions cannot and should not be one, I also know that access to relationships and resources is reserved for the privileged. I created the Escalator to correct these injustices by providing the keys to success, to those who have ideas, an iron will and absolute determination " announced Maurice Levy, whom the press has sometimes called the" Napoleon of the publicity ” following his success and his experience at the head of the Publicis Group.



EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS at VIVATECH 2021 for the special edition of Interview Francophone : Visionnaires du 21e siècle offered to local media of more than 42 countries : 


Interview avec Valerie Pecresse, Présidente IDF


Interview avec la Ministre Elisabeth Moreno et Maurice Levy, Veronique Beaumont et Alain Conrard  (ESCALATOR)


Marc Zuckerberg


Interview avec la Ministre Frédérique Vidal


Interview avec Antoine Petit, Président CNRS


Interview avec Sophie Pellat Velluire, INRIA


Interview avec Bertrand Piccard, fondateur Solar Impulse Foundation


Interview avec Dorothé Julliand, BNP Paribas


Interview avec Marine Martinez, RATP


Inteview avec Christine Muller, Air Liquide


Interview avec Francois Despature, BPI France

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