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Hotel Vanoro, 

une destination européenne



Interview en exclusivité avec son propriétaire pour l'édition spéciale tourisme Visionnaire du 21ème siècle 

by Ingrid Vaileanu 

Interview Francophone: What represents your Hotel for the Tourism and Travel of the 21st century? What values and qualities? 

Vanoro: The new 5* Vanoro Hotel "celebrates" the refined, historic urban living of Thessaloniki, directly from its own heart, where casual luxury is going hand in hand with high-quality service. 

All-in-all, consistently flawless excellence is the expectation. Professional and honest to our guests accompanying with a warm welcome by our staff, exceptionally amazing and astounding in providing the best services and food to our guess along with the spacious and luxurious rooms & suites. Cleanliness and hygiene play an important role as well. 

Interview Francophone: What is your best experience for this Hotel brand that could inspire the world? 

Vanoro: A modern reinvention of a historical preserved building, de-signed to offer an holistic hotel experience blending the histoty with the new era. 

Our tasty and inspired ALL DAY ‘’a la carte breakfast’’, served till 23.00! 

We are not sure if that could inspire the world but surely has inspired all our guests since our opening (October 2021) as we are the only hotel in Greece offering breakfast all day. You may order as much and as many times you wish from our outstanding breakfast menu 


Interview Francophone: What are your best partners in assuring high quality? 

Vanoro: As Thessaloniki is a well know hub offering many different and vibrant stimuli, our partners were thoroughly selected and of course we had their support aiming at the best quality, environmentally friendly and honest representatives of each industry. 

It is with great pride that we collaborate with the best partners and suppliers of all industries in the Greek and International Market . 


Interview Francophone: What is your advice for the generations of the 21st century tourists and travelers? 

Vanoro: The market is slowly shifting from pretentious grandeur to a casual, subtle and refined luxury. According to experts, domestic tourism and travel close to home, as well as open-air activities, nature-based products and rural tourism, are among the major travel trends that will continue shaping tourism in 2023.At Vanoro 5* Hotel, we ensure that our guests enjoy a feel at home experience with a friendly, yet professional approach. 



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Interior Design: Ariadni Parisi (PFour) 

Photography: Christos Drazos 

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