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libERA !





by Ingrid Vaileanu   

Interview Francophone : How could be resumed your story till now and how did you become an artist ? 


Sorina Peia : I am a Romanian visual artist and I started painting with acrylics on canvas in my 30ies, when I initiated an experiment named #artManifesto, a picto-poetical conversation between two generations of artists. It was my desire to connect and communicate with my father, who is a great poet and which I admired since I was a little girl! As an art duo, we ended up in approaching topics never discussed as father and daughter and that was a fascinating process. From technology that is alienating us, to love, absence, West vs East, fragility, erotism, nothing was taboo anymore. This is an authentic life story, with a very deep and emotional dialogue between us. During this experiment, we found a common language, through art, and we finnaly got to know each other better.


Working harder, I realized that we have the mission, both conscious and subconscious, to bring a contribution to humanity. I believe this is the purpose of every living being, to be part of this expansion called Evolution and God gifted me with the ability to show the future through vibrant colors and luminous energy. My latest artistic movement is called “Pupilism” through which I have reduced everything to the common essence of all human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  The most obvious proof that we are living beings is this Black to whom we belong and who belongs to us - PUPIL. It basically has the same shape and same color for everyone. I can dare to say it’s the most common thing you can find on this Planet. We are living beings and this must be celebrated in every moment of our lives. Black helps us see the light, so we can contemplate the infinity of the Universe and the individual's place within it. 


This is THE NEW GOLDEN AGE : “libERA” and it is based on three fundamental principles:

Freedom in Variety

Equality in Society

Complementarity in Humanity


Interview Francophone : What is your most inspiring experience till now ? 


Sorina Peia : It's hard to say, but I usually try to relate to everything that is surrounding me. This historical moment in which we are, this pandemic that turned our lives upside down, influenced me a lot. I am certainly aware of this tragic situation, but I have tried my best to control my anxiety and see everything as an important moment for our Mother Planet to give herself a well deserved restart.


Unfortunately, this Era of ours, which is based on consumerism, it makes us know the price of everything and the value of nothing. I hope that, at this turning point, something will change in the collective consciousness and we will soon realize that there will be no healthy Planet for us to leave as legacy for the future generations, if we do not drastically change the way we function.


What I’ve tried to do, through my artistic movement "libERA", (which is the name for "The New Golden Age"), was to imagine and hope for a new beginning, a future that focuses on art, science and culture.


“Pupilism” is also my call for Unity, now, when we need it the most! The Pupil actually shows us how common we are, despite the differences between us. This diversity should not separate us, but makes us aware of our Complementarity, as individuals, as human beings, so this awareness, in my opinion, would generate equal opportunities in society, if we finally realize we need each other. Everything is interconnected, just like the dots that form a circle.


Because I express myself best through vibrant and contrasting colors, I introduced the color yellow in the chromatics of each acrylic painting, in order to induce the viewer the idea of hope, light, warmth and a flourishing future. The whole composition is created around those deep dark black dots. 



Interview Francophone : What is your advise for the generations of the 21st century ?


Sorina Peia : I don't think I can give anyone any advice, because I still have a lot to learn and experience until, maybe, let’s say, I will reach a minimum of wisdom. I just wish people could become more curious and ask themselves various questions because, in my opinion, this would speed up our progress. 



Interview Francophone : What are the projects for tomorrow ? 


Sorina Peia : Because Corona Virus kept us locked in our own homes, I started remembering, many times, how it's like to fly on a plane and what an incredible feeling of freedom this experience offers you. I have always been fascinated by that view, of our Mother Planet, seen from a very high altitude. Each time after flying, I wanted to go back in my studio and reproduce those images, but I didn't know how I could do that, still, while practicing, I have discovered a technique which allows me to paint in that direction. 


So, everything I create now is based on the memories of those fascinating views, but such painting can be viewed from several perspectives. It could be interpreted as an image of the Earth, seen from Outer Space or as a piece of the Universe, as I feel its Energy, more in a spiritual sense. This image is created in harmony with "#pupilism" and shows that everything is interconnected: Mother Planet with the Energy of the Universe and with us, as humanity, as living beings.


That's what I am currently trying to show: the magic and the beauty of everything that is sorrounding us and the fact that God is the greatest artist.


Interview Francophone : How could art inspire the evolution of the humanity ?  


Sorina Peia : Sometimes I try to picture, in my mind, the first man who became aware of his existence, so he felt the need to pass this on to the future generations and looked for a way to communicate what he was experiencing at that time. This is how the first drawing from the cave was born.


It is the way we express our feelings and emotions, art is not about objects, it’s about mind and spirit. We have the duty to cultivate our human side and creativity is the most interesting and beautiful way we can understand each other better. 


Art both reflects and influences culture. Social progress can inspire art and so the arts can inspire social progress. It has the power to shift and evolve the behaviors, to bring us together, to move us, to shock us, to inspire us.

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