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Interviews en exclusivité pour l'édition spéciale 

Visionnaires du 21ème siècle


Jen Brown

Senior Director EMEA Marketing 


by Ingrid Vaileanu and Florin Paun  


Interview Francophone: How could you summarise your innovation (GoTo) and what Vivatech means for you? 


Jen Brown : GoTo is an all-in-one communications and IT Support platform enabling businesses to do their best work from anywhere. We made remote-work possible long before it was so widely normalised, delivering market leading solutions since 2003. Since then, we have grown and evolved in many ways to keep up with the ever-changing market and advancements. Providing flexibility is involved in every decision we make, from our product offerings to the way we run our own business with a fully-remote workforce.


In February we launched a complete company rebrand and portfolio reorganisation, transitioning from LogMeIn to GoTo. This change came after we listened and learned from our 800K customers to evolve the products to best suit their needs. The announcement brought a new, simplified product portfolio that consolidated our brand into two flagship products: our brand new IT management solution; GoTo Resolve, and a new experience for our communications solution; GoTo Connect. Joining remote IT and communication in one platform in a way that is within reach of SMBs is what makes us unique in a crowded market.


GoTo’s presence at Viva Technology embodies this commitment to continuous innovation, and making IT achievable for businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprise. It was so important for us to attend as our first year at Viva Technology to serve as the company’s reintroduction to the French market and build upon our valued growth and innovation in the EMEA region.


For me personally, I have more than 20 years of B2B and B2C experience in the technology industry prior to joining GoTo as Senior Director of EMEA Marketing. What drew me to GoTo was its understanding that to succeed, you need to work at the speed of culture and never stop evolving to fit the needs of our customers. Attending Viva Technology gave us the opportunity to meet with French consumers, technology professionals, media, start-ups and beyond to expand our awareness, and introduce ourselves formally.



Interview Francophone: What are the challenges and interests in 2022 for your company? 


Jen Brown: The IT and communications field is a competitive market as we are asking businesses to entrust us with their security and means of doing business. GoTo Resolve’s zero trust security gives businesses peace of mind, and GoTo Connect makes communication easy so businesses can focus on what they do best. We offer these services at a cost that is achievable to businesses that once believed having those capacities is out of their reaches. Our mission is to provide a solution to those businesses who don’t feel seen.


As for interests, we are deeply invested in expanding our presence internationally, which includes growing GoTo’s brand awareness in EMEA among small to midsized businesses. Our rebrand provided more brand and product cohesion, and it shows in our increased brand awareness to GoTo. We hope to return to Viva Technology and likeminded events around the world as we continue to expand, bringing GoTo’s offerings to more businesses in need of a solution.



Interview Francophone: What are your company’s key goals for the next 10 years? 


Jen Brown: GoTo’s key goals for the next 10 years include providing support flexibility and facilitating the freedom to work from anywhere. We strive to encourage sustainability, both through environmental efforts reducing the daily commute and employee burnout through flexibility. Expanding to new geographies is a huge priority for GoTo. We are rapidly increasing availability of our full product portfolio, expanding GoTo’s offerings in Austria, Italy, and Southeast Asia just in the last 5 months. We want to be the go-to solution for small and midsized businesses who need help making their remote workstreams easy.


We will continue to develop our products to enable small and midsized businesses to resolve customer issues remotely and support employees as they manage all aspects of their work from anywhere they choose to manage them. We will support business profitability, employee wellness, and customer satisfaction as we continue to grow in markets around the world.



Interview Francophone: What advice for the generations of the 21st century of innovators and users of innovations? 


Jen Brown : My advice for future generations of innovators is to never stop listening, adapting, and changing. Fortune favors the brave. Don’t be afraid to try, fail, and course correct as need be. Invest in the wellness of your employees and offer them flexibility to choose how they work best. It is important to always adapt your way of working as the times change. Keep an eye on industry trends and tools and accept that the world may not ever go back to the way that it was.

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