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Le gout du Portugal à la hauteur

d'une Europe savoureuse ! 



(pour l'édition spéciale 2023 VISIONNAIRES DU 21e siècle)


Olivier da Costa

le Chef



by Ingrid Vaileanu 

Interview Francophone: How can we summarize your experience and expertise in Europe?

Olivier da Costa: I’ve started my career more than 25 years ago in Lisbon. Portugal’s capital is, undoubtedly, one of Europe hotspots for some years now, and Yakuza by Olivier Lisboa, XXL by Olivier and SEEN Lisboa are among the trendiest restaurants in the country. We’ve started our international journey almost 10 years ago in Brazil, with SEEN São Paulo, then we went to Thailand, with SEEN and for some months now, Guilty, but it was Yakuza Paris that marked the beginning of a new phase for Olivier Group. Late 2021, we’ve opened Yakuza by Olivier in Maison Albar’s hotel Le Vendome, near Louvre and the Opera, and, from start, it’s making it’s way among the best Japanese restaurants in “the city of light”. From 2023 on, the signature by Olivier is being added to more and more European cities and several capitals. We are about to open SEEN by Olivier Nice and SEEN by Olivier Roma, Guilty by Olivier London, and much more. Thinking only on my experience as a “traveller chef”, I love travelling since always, I’ve visited dozens of countries, and everywhere I go, I observe everything in detail when it comes to premium restaurants and trendy restaurants in beach destinations as Ibiza.


Interview Francophone: What is your best experience in your business?

Olivier da Costa: If you visit my restaurants, and I hope you and your readers come to do it, if you didn’t did it already, you can check the attention to details I put in every restaurant, from the coolest rooftop restaurant SEEN by Olivier, to the premium Portuguese experience of XXL. This comes from loving what I do. I would say the best experience is to see a restaurant with every table with happy people, great food and an experience to remember.


Interview Francophone: Which partners (local suppliers, cities, etc.) would you like the company to focus on in the future of 21st century gastronomy? 

Olivier da Costa: Europe has our geographic expansion focus, so, this is where we are gathering our core partners. Nonetheless, for what has to do with the partners with whom we open new restaurants, we keep open to great companies like Minor Hotels, a non-European company with a global strategy, namely in Europe.


Interview Francophone: What advice do you have for the 21st century generations?

Olivier da Costa: This century brought us a “fast food” society, metaphorically speaking. Everything is processed very fast and substituted by something new at a glance, there’s always a new trend coming by. I know it is difficult to run from this, but, still, I would say to any young person the same I tell to my two young sons: avoid the “fast food”, apply your energies on the “fast good”.


Interview Francophone: What is your motto in life that can inspire the youth but also the future of luxury design for a better 21st century?

Olivier da Costa: Do not stop searching until you find what makes you happy. Then, do it. Finally, love it.

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