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For a more ethical, stronger, more responsible press ! 


Interview with

Mihaela Tudor

for the special edition 2022

Visionnaires du 21e siècle


by Ingrid Vaileanu 

Interview Francophone: How can you summarize your career?


Mihaela Tudor: I have been involved in journalism, communication, PR and entrepreneurship for over 16 years. I had a very dynamic career, which comprised a lot of work, learning, overcoming my own limits and challenges everywhere. Even so, now, ehen I start to reap the rewards, when I actually see the difference my acts are producing in the communities I work for, I feel grateful for everything that brought me here.


Interview Francophone: What are the evolving challenges in recruiting, at the organizational level, but also the challenges in your daily work to maintain the emotional balance that will ensure the mental health of your team and your staff?


Mihaela Tudor: I think the pandemic made people reconsider their lives. Some have done this in a balanced way and try to do the things they want, in the way they want. Others have been severely affected and cannot or do not know what decisions to make. This is also seen in the labor market. It has become a challenge to find people who actually know what they want and are willing to roll up their sleeves for it. Recently, in addition to the annual work with a coach, we started to involve an organizational psychologist - individually or collectively.

Several times in the last year, I have experienced serious issues about my health. I went to meditation, exercise, complementary therapies. But positive thinking helps me the most; what balances me are my wonderful, positive children, from whom I charge every day. I realized that it is very important to disconnect every day, at least a little, but especially to sleep a minimum of 8 hours.


Interview Francophone: What recommendations do you have for entrepreneurs in 2022 to preserve their mental health?


Mihaela Tudor: To plan for the future, be prepared for the unforeseen. To see the opportunity in any crisis. To take time only for themselves every day, to disconnect and rest. To find the balance between personal and professional. Yes, they can! And don't forget that when you fall, it only means that you will rise higher.


Interview Francophone: What important projects and topics are underway to support human evolution in the context of the crisis that is affecting us on so many levels?


Mihaela Tudor: I actively participate in the development of an entrepreneurial women’s ecosystem, the European Women’s Association, whose vision is to bring many more women into business and empower those who are already in business to internationalize.

Within TUDOR Communication (PR&communication agency), we created the #respectjurnalistii campaign, which we have been successfully continuing for over 2 years and which we dream of expanding globally soon, as a statement for a more ethical, stronger, more responsible press.

Together with the Association for Competitiveness (INACO), we support the development of SmartLabs in all schools in Romania and in the world, 

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