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Is BMW putting its French clients in danger ? 

by Ingrid Vaileanu 

After only 2 years of our contract for the brand-new BMW X2 and after more than 2 weeks in the Neubauer Boulogne revision garage without any communication and replacement car Neubauer Boulogne refused first to offer winter wheels for the replacement car finally offered while waiting for the long revision process. 


After more than 10 calls during more than a week Neubauer Bmw Partner proposed me to pay more than 400 euros for the winter wheels instead of offering this rightful service during the revision period. - document attached as proof in case of deny by Neubauer. We had to contact the BMW leaders in France and Germany to finally benefit of our rights and prevent us from dangerous driving on roads with snow without winter wheels. After weeks of revision of our car they said to my husband that they made the normal regular maintenance, and he could take the car back at home!

My husband insisted that they have to check an irregular noise occurring from time to time from the down of the car!
They checked again and said the noise was coming from the crankcase down the engine and recommended indeed to don't use anymore the car until they don't find why!
When they open the crankcase, they said they found small parts of crankshaft bearing pieces inside the crankcase?!!! 

They finally changed the 3 bearings!
The car was immobilized all this time inside the Neubauer Workshop for almost 4 weeks... due the fact that they have received first only one bearing inspire of the all set of 3 bearings!
The car didn't showed up any alert or warning previously and it was only at my husband insistence that the additional checking was performed!

I'm not specialist but other experts I took the time to investigate the situation with confirmed me that it could be very severe as situation in case of not reparation! Bmw France and it’s Partner Neubauer Boulogne thus put in danger Bmw clients and after tried to minimize the dangerous situation I experienced as a client of Bmw and the terrible attitude of lack of comparison and understanding. The damage of not being able to use a month our own car but a lower quality Bmw only for 2 weeks and this thanks to our denunciation of such terrible behavior of Naubauer Boulogne - was not repaired and neither the moral damage of having drove a BMW car with such terrible technical problems without having any sensor signaling it. 

Once the right diagnostic established the Neubauer workers provided professional services of repair but no moral and contractual repair was done by Bmw for this dangerous situation solved without casualties thanks to my husband Dr. Ing in Aerospatiale sector who insisted that the cause of the noise should be detected. 


After having investigated the importance of such technical issues and the disrespect towards Bmw clients it is a duty to share this experience as long as BMW refuse to repair the experience and moral damage and continue to abuse the trust of their clients exposed to dangerous technical issues.  I will present these facts and experience as well as opinions of our partners media in more than 42 countries and readers all over the word as a duty to stop companies abusing its clients. 

We all used to trust the quality and fair play of German brands and this terrible experience with Bmw France and its partner. Naubauer. Boulogne generated the total loss of trust in Bmw that could be recovered only by an offer to compensate this terrible experience and continue experiencing Bmw cars with trust. It is my duty and determination to prevent other French or international clients to suffer such experiences. It is time to get together to collect all your opinions about this situation and how Bmw should compensate and repair the trust of its clients in an transparent and comprehensive way instead of denying, minimizing the importance and ignoring the sufferings of its clients caused by technical problems not signaled and putting in danger the clients and not only. 


You could send me your proposals and opinions how BMW should compensate and repair this terrible experience I personally experienced.  

Ingrid Vaileanu

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